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In that piece, O'Brien drops in on Sukeforth at his farm on Blueberry Hill, a knoll overlooking Waldoboro. We meet his hunting dog, Martha, and his neighbor, former teammate and fellow catcher Val Picinich. There's plenty to do -- Sukeforth rises at 6 every morning and calls it a day at 10 p.m. -- and plenty to talk about: hunting, fishing, blueberries, the weather and baseball. But the passage that brings a smile is this one: Texas Rangers Face Masks

In 1945, when he was a 43-year-old Dodgers coach and the team was hurting for players because of the war, he strapped on his gear once again ... and hit .294 in 18 games. It was later that very summer when Rickey sent Sukeforth on his top-secret mission.

The above should not come as a surprise, with Cleveland all but certain to lose Lindor via free agency after the 2021 season if they don't trade him. San Diego Padres Face Masks

That leaves one spot that really needs to go to an outfielder who can handle center field.

Of course, the Giants would go to win two more titles in the next four years, sealing Bochy's legacy after 25 managerial seasons. Bochy also shared his favorite memories of San Francisco's titles in 2012 and 2014. Colorado Rockies Face Masks

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Sukeforth, meanwhile, was serving as Rickey's aide-de-camp. In that 1946 season, he took turns coaching for Durocher, scouting for Rickey and organizing the Dodgers' new Class B club in Nashua. Rickey took a special interest in that team because that's where he sent two other Black players, Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella, to start their careers. Sukeforth was the scout who discovered Newcombe when he was pitching for the Newark Eagles, and he had his trust as well. Newcombe came up with a sore arm in an October 1945 exhibition at Ebbets Field, and Sukeforth had come to his rescue. "I'll never forget," said Newcombe. "This man walked in, this white man, and I was in there crying because I thought my baseball career was over." Sukeforth soothed his pain by telling him the Dodgers still wanted to sign him.

Ford was a six-time World Series champion and was given World Series MVP honors in 1961, a year he also won the Cy Young award, after allowing no earned runs in 14 innings pitched. Ford holds World Series records for most consecutive World Series scoreless innings pitched (33.2) and 94 strikeouts. His career winning percentage (.690) is the best of any pitcher in the 20th century with 200-plus career wins. Ford was inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside his friend Mickey Mantle in 1974. Los Angeles Angels Face Masks

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